Since its inception in 2004, Linomtha, which means ‘Light’ in Xhosa, has grown under the direction of founder and director Mr ARRT Masike to become an established and recognized company in all facets of the construction industry. The company has handled and completed projects over the past 10 years ranging in value of up to 64 million Rands in different parts of the country. The company has its headquarters in the Centurion situated in Gauteng. Under the guidance and vision of its managing director, Linomtha has been exposed to a wide range of projects and assignments. The company is often subcontracted or jointly contracted with other companies in projects and has acquired the ability to deliver professional results. It has thus gained a wealth of experience encompassing all sectors of the industry ranging from educational and leisure facilities, industrial and commercial buildings, building refurbishment, residential developments, and engineering projects such as drainage schemes, mains water networks, and waste‐water treatment plants.



Over the years the Linomtha team has harnessed and fine-tuned the management aspect of the company. Our team of staff and managers boasts unparalleled enthusiasm, competence, and commitment all of which is manifested in the quality of the cutting-edge construction and consultancy (civil and environmental management) projects undertaken. We have an excellent safety record, a proven ability to meet exacting programmes timeously, coupled with a co‐operative and proactive approach which has never failed to satisfy clients in both the public and private sectors. We aim to transform our clients’ deepest dreams by providing excellent engineering, environmental and technical solutions in local and international markets.


    Linomtha’s vision encompasses the following:

    1. Business objectives are ALWAYS achieved
    2. Become one of the top companies operating in the construction and environmental consulting industries in and around South Africa.
    3. Perpetuate a culture off cutting –edge products, top-level performance and responsibility.
    4. Engender a reputation founded on leadership-development and capacity-building.
    5. Build and maintain long-lasting and trusting internal and external relationships
    6. Harness global capabilities to ensure the delivery of successful project outcomes
    7. Develop effective systems and controls to ensure successful project delivery
    8. Maintain outstanding health, safety and environment results.

    Our mission is to form long-term relationships with our clients and partners, through the use of high and affordable quality construction and engineering solutions; provide top-notch civil and environmental consultancy services, and providing the highest possible standard of quality and service in the both construction and environmental management industries thereby giving clients the best satisfaction the company can offer. Our clients are therefore guaranteed:

    • Top quality products
    • Satisfaction
    • Excellence in project execution
    • Continuous improvement in line with industry advancement
    • Best technicians and techniques.
    • Environmental friendliness


    Values that bind the company, dictating each and every interaction as well as our vision for the future are:
    • Cutting edge
    • Dedicated
    • Goal oriented
    • Innovative
    • Integrity
    • Transparency
    • Resource driven